Christopher Hundt

Chris Hundt is a software consultant in Albany, NY. This site has not been updated in some time. is a web site where I tracked recent federal appellate court decisions and do some machine learning to tag them. See related research below. You can download the source code here.


Spring 2008: I did some research into machine learning techniques for topic classification of legal opinions. I applied the results to Here are some write-ups:

Fall 2007: I created a Visualization of Gibbs Sampling on Social Networks where you can see Gibbs sampling in action. (Warning: Java)

In the Fall 2006 semester Ariel Kleiner and I studied the modeling of server power usage by the tasks it is performing. Our results are summarized in a poster we produced, Workload-Based Power Usage Modeling.

At McGill I worked in the Reasoning and Learning Laboratory under the supervision of Prakash Panangaden and Doina Precup.

In 2006 I co-authored Representing Systems with Hidden State, which appeared in AAAI 2006, with these professors and Joelle Pineau.

In the fall of 2005 I received second prize in McGill's Undergraduate Research Conference for two posters I presented, Some interesting features of convergent random variables and Duality in Transition Systems.

Here is a page about Predictive State Representations that I compiled.

Stuff Chris Made

Motion Coherence Demonstration
This Java applet was made to demonstrate the "aperture problem". The idea is that when you see two gratings moving in different directions through an aperture, you perceive it as one grid. This can change, depending on various parameters, which you can play with using my applet.

Analysis 3 review
I made this summary of the material covered in K. GowriSankaran's MATH 354 class. I left out the linear algebra material that was covered in MATH 251.


Here are links to pages where you will find a few assignments I did during freshman year. Notice the progression from MS Word to LaTeX :)


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